Does a person have to be a Christian in order to receive services?

The Mission is a Christian organization, but does not withhold its services on the basis of race, religion, or any other factor.

Is The Mission tied to any particular church or denomination?

Although The Mission is a Christian organization, we are not tied to any one church or denomination. In fact, we enjoy support and involvement from a wide variety of congregations and organizations.

Do you sell donors’ names to other organizations?

The Mission does not sell, rent, or loan our supporters’ names to anyone.

Does the Mission receive government funding?

No. The Mission is totally reliant on private support and funding from individuals, corporations, businesses, churches, foundations, and groups that see our need and join with us in our mission of serving the less fortunate.

Can I get a copy of your most recent financial statement?

Yes. We will be glad to send you a copy of our annual report. Just call and request it at 863-299-2348 or email us at

How can I tell where my contribution is going?

If a gift or donation is unspecified, we will put it toward the general fund. A gift, however, may be designated toward a specific facility or program by written notation.

What should I do if I have a new address?

Notify The Mission of your new address, or any new contact information either by email at , or call 863-299-2348 with your updated information.

How can I arrange to take a tour of The Mission?

Just let us know when you would like to come for a visit. A visit can be arranged anytime.

Do you have speakers who will speak to churches or groups?

Yes, the Executive Pastor and members of the board are available to share the story of The Mission with your church, club or organization. Email Pastor David Berry at or call him at 863-287-6628.

Do you charge for any of your services?

No.  All services are free.  We do however have a give back system.  Contact us for more information.