A little over a year ago my family and I were struggling. I no longer had a job and although my husband was working it was not enough to sustain the two of us and our two teenagers. A friend of mine said Carolyn come have lunch with me at The Mission.

I was struggling to find work. I decided I would like to volunteer my time if The Mission needed me until I found a job. They immediately put me to work in the front office. At the time I did not realize that I would end up volunteering there for over a year. But praise Jesus for the opportunity I had. Within that year I had many struggles. Our family ended up homeless for a bit and The Mission helped our family walk through it by helping with my resume, with food, laundry services, clothing and more during our struggles. I praise Jesus because now we have a home and this October I was given a substitute teaching position. One day I hope to own my own business and help others who are struggling with some of the things I struggled with.

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